A New Brand of Boutique Hotels

The MRK Hotel Collection is a new unique brand of luxury boutique hotels. We currently own and operate two exceptional hotel properties.  The two current operating hotels are The Marlin Hotel on South Beach in Miami, and the recently opened Ivey’s Hotel in Uptown Charlotte, NC.  The new Parisian Hotel in Asheville, NC  is slated to begin construction at the end of 2018. These properties were developed with considerable attention to detail, consistent with their history and location. The final result of our great effort has been overwhelmingly well received.    




MRK Hotel Collection Properties are unique. The goal is to provide our guests with an exceptional experience. This begins with the location of the properties which have been carefully selected in class A infill locations, which provide easy access to all activities within easy walking distance. Whether our guests are visiting for business or pleasure, they will be extremely pleased to find our locations unbeatable.

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Every aspect of design, from the architectural plans, interior design, custom finishes and furnishings down to the fine Italian linens are designed with personal attention and care.

Our in-house design team has proven itself in delivering exceptional unique properties. In addition to a blend of historic and contemporary design in harmony with the building and its location, each property has unique artwork located throughout the common areas as well as the individual guest rooms. The artwork is selected to reflect the character, beauty and splendor of each property. If the building itself is not historic, our design team will make certain that the end result has the distinct character our guests will come to expect from MRK Hotel Collection properties.

We find that the addition of highly customized interiors and artwork adds another dimension to the guest experience.  


Personalized Service


Our management team is held to the highest standards in providing the guest with a true five-star experience. Guests are greeted by our genuinely friendly and knowledgeable staff who are available and eager to assist with any requests or recommendations for dining, entertainment or business needs. Our team has a passion for their work and it shows. 



Dining & Shopping

We add additional components to each MRK Hotel including dining and shopping.


The Marlin Hotel, in South Beach, is host to the Osteria del Teatro restaurant located just off the lobby. Osteria del Teatro is the highest rated Italian restaurant in Miami Beach, which has been serving guests and receiving accolades for over 30 years. They relocated to the Marlin shortly after our acquisition and remodel of the property in 2015.

We currently have a 7,000 sq ft specialty retail store located adjacent to the lobby on the first floor of the Windsor Hotel in Asheville. The boutique, “Desirant”, sells unique handmade jewelry, art, antiques, soaps, candles, and gift items with a strong representation of local handcrafted goods. 


The Ivey’s Hotel, in Charlotte also sells products from the Desirant boutique in several retail spaces located throughout the lobby and lounge. The Ivey’s Hotel includes the Library Lounge and bar available to its guests, while providing complimentary breakfast in the mornings as well as a wine bar and cheese selections . The Bar serves specialty classic cocktails in the evenings. The space has an antique bookshelf filled with interesting reads of almost any subject, accompanied by authentic antiques. The lounge makes a special place for private meetings or just to unwind.  The hotel also houses the top rated 5 Church Restaurant and the new Sophia's Lounge which has become the new Uptown place to be. 

These are just a few of the additional amenities added to each MRK Hotel that creates the character that identifies each property.  



A key component to hotel management in today’s world involves technology. We have made certain that our websites are attractive and properly represent the beauty and true character of the individual properties. We have gone to extra efforts and expenses to make certain that the functionality of the website are state of the art. This includes seamless interactions with the Online Travel Agencies, as well as the use of our own direct booking page and website navigation.  

LuxuriOus. Unique.

The end product is truly luxurious, unique and memorable. The Windsor Hotel in Asheville is rated #1 out of 60 hotels in Asheville on TripAdvisor based on traveler reviews. The Marlin Hotel on South Beach is rated #9 out of 208 hotels in Miami Beach. Remarkably, The Ivey’s Hotel, which just opened in April 2017 is already rated #1 out of 177 hotels in Charlotte. This was a grand accomplishment for a such a new independent hotel.

Our brand is owner-managed with our own dedicated team of professionals. We have spent the last four years developing our first three operational hotels, defining our market and perfecting our design and management team. We plan to continue the expansion of our brand as we find additional suitable markets and individual properties that fit our criteria.

Michael Krieger

Founder / Principal / President and CEO

Michael Krieger handles the overall management of all operations and development pertaining to the MRK Property Development. Krieger founded Vector Products, Inc. in 1996, which developed, manufactured and distributed automotive electronic accessories. Krieger developed over 30 U.S. patents and sold product lines in over 400 national retail accounts including Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Sam’s Club and Costco. In February of 2006, the company sold 100 percent of their interest in Vector Products, Inc. to Black & Decker, Corp. Michael’s 40 years of experience includes all phases of commercial real estate acquisitions, development and management, including: Multi Family Development and Management, Residential Luxury Waterfront Homes, New Construction and Historic Renovations, Commercial Retail Acquisitions and Lease Ups, Restaurant and Entertainment Venues, Business Development and Management.

Richard Krieger

Founder / Principal / Chairman

Richard Krieger, a former Invasive Cardiologist, performed over 20,000 cardiac procedures during his medical career. During his 22 years of practice, he was extremely active in numerous business and real estate ventures. In 2006, he retired from medicine and is now involved full time with real estate and business development. His background prepared him well for the detailed research, financial analysis, and risk assessments of all potential real estate and business investments. Krieger provides a conservative and analytical mindset to the organization which blends perfectly with the entrepreneurial spirit of the rest of the team.